Design Notes: How to Mix Metals in Your Space by David Brian Sanders

How to Mix Metals in Your Space

So we can all acknowledge that all professional fields have rules, whether you’re in the field of fashion, interior design, law, architecture, or engineering, etc.  Then there are those rules you hear about that we abide by them because we’ve just heard them one to many times and we’ve been brainwashed (so to speak).  For example, ever […]

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Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors by David Brian Sanders

Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors

Here at David Brian Sanders Interior Architecture + Design (DBS for short) the team has had the “Great Outdoors” on the brain for what seems like months. Summer is coming and we’ve been working on new patio designs, shopping for patio furniture and ok, maybe planning a few summer getaways in the mix.  If you […]

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Downsizing without Compromising by David Brian Sanders

Downsizing Without Compromising

Downsizing.  Such a seemingly ugly word.  In this day and age no one wants to hear the word “downsizing” (especially in the workplace).  Let’s just be honest, if you look at the synonyms for the word downsizing, you see words like “dwindle,” “deplete,” “reduce,” none of them all that positive or exciting. But I challenge […]

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How To Choose a Color Scheme

Design Notes: How To Choose a Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing a color scheme in your home, it’s important to learn how to mix colors and fabrics, as well as how to repeat color throughout your rooms. The principles of decorating and using coordinating fabrics and dressmaker details are extremely helpful when deciding which colors will work in your home. So […]

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How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

Eye for Aesthetics: How to Hang Fine Art

An art installation is much more than knocking a few nails in the wall. It requires some precision and thought. So the best practice guide is one that will ensure your fine art is positioned safely with the best possible aesthetic effect. Here’s how to do it… Phase One: Select a wall space where your fine […]

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Seasonal Design: Quick Holiday Decorating Tips by David Brian Sanders

Seasonal Design: Quick Holiday Decorating Tips

Think outside the box when envisioning your holiday decorating… Garland doesn’t have to be the traditional swag.  Reimagine your trimmings in a modern way. Collect eucalyptus branches or other greenery fresh from your yard. The silvery green you gather with a grouping of gold ornaments, candles and pomegranates makes for an unexpected holiday centerpiece. Switch […]

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Travel Guide: Houston Food Scene by David Brian Sanders | Ty Pennington

Travel Guide: Houston Food Scene

Have you ever been to Houston, Texas? Well I’m about to tell you about one of the most incredible food scenes in the United States. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Houston, Texas for work. We all know that everything in Texas is big, that includes the food. Being a former Chef trained […]

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