Designer Spotlight: Zaha Hadid (by Ty Pennington)

Designer Spotlight: Zaha Hadid

It’s been a while since I’ve shined a spotlight on a fellow designer, so today I wanted to introduce everybody to one of my favorites in the world of architecture: Zaha Hadid. She’s popular for her work in building dynamic projects, so much so, that she was awarded the Pulitzer in 2004. And beyond her […]

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Worldly Design: Adventures in Paris by Patrick Delanty

Worldly Design: Adventures in Paris

I recently had the good fortune to take a ‘design inspired’ trip to Paris, to see friends and attend some amazing events.  Since I only speak a few key words of French, enough to order a coffee or glass of wine which is crucial in France, the best bonus of my visit was that my […]

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How to Hang Fine Art by David Brian Sanders

Eye for Aesthetics: How to Hang Fine Art

An art installation is much more than knocking a few nails in the wall. It requires some precision and thought. So the best practice guide is one that will ensure your fine art is positioned safely with the best possible aesthetic effect. Here’s how to do it… Phase One: Select a wall space where your fine […]

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Designer Spotlight: Lucid Stead by Phillip K Smith III, Joshua Tree, CA.

Designer Spotlight: Lucid Stead

I love art that fuses a bunch of different mediums together. So this next spotlight is shining on one particular artist installation and his vision is seriously out of this world. Check out the installation video below… This, ladies and gentleman, is the latest piece by Phillip K Smith III in Joshua Tree, CA. If you’re […]

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How to Hang and Display Wall Art and Frames | Ty Pennington

Design Notes: The Frame Game

Ok folks, who’s ready to play the frame game? Displaying a collection of frames or even a few simple pieces on your walls is not only easy, but it’s a good way to bring a little personality into your home too! So if you’re having problems filling out blank walls or hanging your pieces in […]

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Travelers’ Exhibition by Tanja Rector

Project Spotlight: Travelers’ Exhibition

My traveler’s impression along roads through the southwestern states… “Quiet Waters”- 24″x24″ gel medium, acrylic on muslin From California, through Texas, I followed the long thin tread that divides the road through this 4000-mile, month-long journey. It is a line that takes me past vast plains and mountain country sides. They are marked by history, […]

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Inspired By: Norwegian Art, Design & Architecture

I got back from my trip to Norway and Denmark still feeling a little jetlagged. But before I get back into the normal swing of my busy daily, I thought I’d share a little more Norwegian inspiration I found during my travels. I got to see a lot in Norway, especially things I’m passionate about. […]

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