Ty Pennington's "First to the Furute" Video Series with NextGen Home TV | First to the Future

Watch | My First to the Future NextGen Project

Okay folks, if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed that I officially announced a new (yeah, I managed to take on yet another project) building series with NextGen Home TV called, “First to the Future.” So this one will probably take more than 7 days, but we are seriously breaking […]

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Singing in the Rain, Courtyard of Elements, Dresden, Germany

Ty’s Take | Singing in the Rain

Seems like forever since I kicked off the week with a music Monday post, so today you’re in for a real treat. This next one combines architecture and music into one impressively melodic display. Feast your eyes (and ears) on The Courtyard of Elements… So this house in the Dresden area of Germany was transformed […]

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Prefab is Rad | Ty Pennington

Spotlight | Prefab is Rad

One style trending in modern architecture is prefab homes. The word prefab is short for “pre-fabricated” which pretty much means they are small, modular homes that are easy to build and transport. But just because they’re on the smaller side, doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with style.  I’m really liking the different prefab homes I’ve […]

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Designer Spotlight: Lucid Stead by Phillip K Smith III, Joshua Tree, CA.

Spotlight | Lucid Stead

I love art that fuses a bunch of different mediums together. So this next spotlight is shining on one particular artist installation and his vision is seriously out of this world. Check out the installation video below… This, ladies and gentleman, is the latest piece by Phillip K Smith III in Joshua Tree, CA. If you’re […]

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Ty Pennington | Cabin Fever

Travel | Awesome Mountain Homes from Cabin Porn

Get your head out of the gutter….we’re talking about great cabin design here folks! But now I have your attention, right? Whenever I think about turning my brain off for a while and going into retreat-mode, I often dream about a remote cabin, sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the valley below.  And then […]

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Ty Pennington | Haunted Buildings in America

Travel | Spooky Buildings in America

Whether you’re into a good scare or not, sometimes you can’t help but listen in on a spooky story…or maybe that’s just me. America is chock-full of haunted history, especially when it comes to its buildings. From hotel rooms to estates, there are some seriously creepy tales of ghosts and spirits roaming among us. If […]

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Ty Pennington | Design or Dazed

Design | Floating House of Mirrors

Here’s another Design or Dazed pop quiz for everyone. Quick tip: the answer to this one is pretty controversial… Leave your guess in the comments below and be sure to check back for the answer this afternoon! ANSWER UPDATE: So the answer is both design AND dazed. This is Mark’s House, a temporary pavilion that currently […]

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