5 Ways to Give Back

Project Spotlight: 5 Ways to Give Back

Even though I’ve always had a natural inclination towards people, places and cultures that are different from my own, the idea that individuals should put aside differences to come together for the betterment of humanity as a whole seems legitimate and logical enough to be considered commonsense. Nobody can survive alone, nor should we want […]

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Designer Spotlight: Veronica Valencia's Lighting Collection

Designer Spotlight: Veronica Valencia’s Lighting Collection

This is Veronica. You may remember her from Extreme, but since the show ended, she’s been doing some pretty incredible things. So today I couldn’t help but share… Most recently, Veronica collaborated with Barn Light Electric – an American lighting company who also helped on a few Extreme builds – to create an exclusive line of pendant lights. And they’re […]

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Ty Pennington's Predicitions: 2014 Interior Design and Home Trends

Pennington’s Predictions: 2014 Home Design Trends

Every new year brings new trends. So I guess it’s time to break out my magic 8 ball and share some expertise in design and home interiors. Now I can’t forecast the future exactly, but keep reading for 7 of my predictions to watch in 2014… 1. Kitchen makeovers are a hot topic and many designers […]

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Goodbye 2013: Ty Pennington's Favorite Moments

Goodbye 2013: My Favorite Moments

Okay now that the holiday madness is over, or at least winding down a bit, it’s time to take a look back on 2013 before it’s too late. I always like to stop and reflect on the most memorable moments from the past year to sort of prepare myself for the next. It also helps […]

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