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Ty’s Take | Ethical and Eco-Friendly Brands

I’ve always been a fan of products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and support local companies or organizations. Now more than ever, it’s important to be conscious of our impact on the environment and our economy. Instead of outsourcing jobs and resources, why not create and buy stuff right here… on our home soil?

So to start those 2014 resolutions on the right foot, I’m sharing a list of cool companies that are American made and eco-friendly. From fashion to furnishings, these guys (and girls!) are definitely worth checking out.

Bluer Denim + other eco-friendly brands and clothing | Ty Pennington

Recycling food waste might be a no brainer, but have you ever thought about doing the same for your clothes? I’m a blue jean baby, so Bluer Denim definitely gives me a piece of mind when it comes to this classic. From the cotton grown in Georgia to their hand-made finish in L.A., Bluer Denim products never leave our shores. And their cool Buy One, Give One program recycles and delivers your old jeans to people in need… after they clean them of course!

The Reformation + other eco-friendly brands and clothing | Ty Pennington

Eco-friendly fashion might be forward thinking, but The Reformation is all about throwback threads. They use vintage and surplus materials to create their limited edition clothing collections, and every piece is made locally at their studios in NY or LA. For more information check out

Organic cotton infographic from Modavanti | Ty Pennington

Another fashion forward company for the ladies is Modavanti. They’re committed to better sustainability and have the badges to brag. Not to mention, they created their own recycling program called Modacycle to donate used clothes instead of letting them sit in landfills. Their products are split by category, but you can find everything eco-friendly, energy-efficient, fairly traded, organic, you name it. For their full fashion lineup, visit

Thrive Home Furnishings + other eco-friendly and sustainable companies | Ty Pennington

There’s definitely more than meets the eye at Thrive Home Furnishings. They manufacture modern-inspired and midcentury pieces in their energy-efficient factories based in LA. Behind the scenes, they’ve taken steps like using natural light, going paperless and harvesting materials in a responsible way to minimize their waste as a whole. Small steps, big ideas.

Oliver & Adelaide, American made baby clothing, furnishings and products | Ty Pennington

And for new parents, Oliver & Adelaide is ahead of the baby game. The company commissions artists and designers to craft safe and quality toys, furnishings and clothing right here in the US. They believe in the US and are committed to bringing jobs back to the states, and that’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Check out their baby product lineup at

Do you know any eco-friendly and sustainable brands or companies? Support the U.S.A. and share them with the community below.

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