Spring Cleaning: 10 Clutter Busting Tips
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How To | 10 Clutter Busting Tips

Time for some spring cleaning. Anyone have a tractor I can borrow?

It’s about that time of the season to whip out the broom and give your home a great big sweep! Did you know dust mites hibernate during winter too? Yeah they’re the grizzly bears of your home…

I know spring cleaning doesn’t sound like a good time, but it can be a pretty refreshing experience. You just have to look on the bright n sunny side.

To help motivate you this year, I put together a list of clutter busting tips that cover the whole house. Don’t try to tackle them all at once. These are just some ideas to keep in mind over the next few weeks. I’d suggest putting together a cleaning calendar to help you stay on track. If you’re tech-savvy, check out Epic Win or Routinely. Pretty cool apps that let you set up domestic reminders.

If you need extra storage, but still want to keep your floor space clear, build a ring of cubbies around the top of the room. Paint them the same shade as the wall to hide their prominence, or give them a pop of vibrant color.

Spring Cleaning: 10 Clutter Busting Tips

Cover an entire wall with shelving and turn your record or book collection into a design element. Try to store like items together. That way you’ll know when the collection is becoming an issue rather than a tasteful display. Trust me, my vinyl collection looks killer but it didn’t happen overnight.

Don’t use something everyday? Don’t worry. Put it in a labeled box or cover the box in something that represents what’s inside. If it’s fabric swatches, wrap the box in a cool material. If it’s family photos, decorate the box with your favorite pics.

Spring Cleaning: 10 Clutter Busting Tips

Designate a place for the things you use every day: a hook near the door for your keys, a basket in the kitchen for coupons and discount cards, a drawer in the foyer for eyeglasses. Set up “in” and “out” boxes for things like bills to be paid (to prevent late fees) and children’s permission slips (to avoid pesky phone calls from school).

A shoe organizer on the back of the kids’ bedroom door is perfect for small toys and art supplies. A nuts-and-bolts organizer from the workshop or an ice cube tray from the freezer can store earrings. How creative can you get?

Spring Cleaning: 10 Clutter Busting Tips

Get in tune with your inner Sherlock Holmes. Look for space on top of cabinets, under beds and behind doors. Put a tablecloth over a side table and store things underneath it. Replace a regular ottoman with one that has storage. Just don’t use these extra storage spots as hiding places.

If you laundry room is big enough, it might be the ideal spot for stashing out-of-season clothes. Set up the room using DIY space organizers with cabinets and hanging rods found at most home centers in a range of prices.

Spring Cleaning: 10 Clutter Busting Tips

Keep only those appliances you use frequently—coffeemaker, toaster—on the counter and put everything else away. I’ve got a toaster, spice rack and French press at all times. The rest hibernates till I throw on my apron!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to put the insides of your cupboards and closets to work. Drill holes in one side of wooden clothespins and hang the clothespins on a row of small nails. Clothespins in your closet can hold scarves and gloves; inside kitchen cabinets, they’re great for coupons and take-out menus.

Taking time daily to work on a single drawer or shelf can make a big difference. In 15 minutes, you can remove everything, dust and clean, then put back only what you’ll need and use. Keep a trash bag and a giveaway box next to you while sorting. Throw out the trash and take the box to a donation center ASAP.

That’s all for now folks! I hope these tips help to maximize the space in your home and organize your storage. Just remember: clutter is the enemy of good design. Bust it while you can and get fresh for spring!




Photo Source: Grains of Earth, Apartment Therapy, Houzz

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