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How To | Make a T-Shirt Produce Bag

*My friend is a pro at DIYs, so this post is from her… seriously cool!

If you love to go to farmer’s markets, but hate the waste that comes from the plastic and paper bags they send you home with, here’s a recycled DIY project inspired by Delia Creates that will solve your problem.

T-shirt Produce Bag


– old t-shirts
– scissors
– sewing machine or needle + thread
– exacto knife or rotary cutter
– cutting surface (I used an old cardboard box)


1. Take your t-shirt and lie it flat on your surface.

T-shirt Produce Bag

2. Cut a rounded edge from sleeve to sleeve.

T-shirt Produce Bag

3. Turn your t-shirt inside out. And using your sewing machine (or needle and thread), sew across the hem of t-shirt bottom opening.

T-shirt Produce Bag DIY

4. Place the t-shirt flat on your cutting surface and create slices, about 1-2 inches long and 4 across, going up the center of the shirt. (Be sure to press hard enough with the exacto knife as to get through both sides of the shirt.)

T-shirt Produce Bag DIY

5. Then cut an opening in the top.  This will become your handle to the bag.

6. Gently tug on both ends of the shirt to stretch it out a bit.

7. Visit your favorite farmer’s market and shop!

T-shirt Produce Bag DIY

T-shirt Produce Bag DIY


*DIY inspiration from Delia Creates

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