Contest | Guaranteed Rate’s Final 6

Ty Pennington's Project Spotlight: Guaranteed Rate's Final 6

After hours of deliberation, the final six projects for Guaranteed Rate‘s Ultimate Give Back Challenge have been selected. It wasn’t an easy decision people! There were tons of really great projects submitted during the earlier rounds of the competition and we wish we could have given all of them something. But the good news for the final 6 is that they’ll all walk away with at least $10,000 to use towards their projects. A little something is most definitely better than nothing.

Check out the final 6 Give Back Challenge projects (in no particular order) below and don’t forget to get your vote in by August 1st.

Playing for the Future: Interfaith Homeless Shelter Rennovations – Harrisburg, PA
I really admire what Interfaith has done for homeless families. For people who don’t have homes, it’s tough to find support and opportunities to create a better life for yourself, let alone your family, but this project is doing both. Great idea.

Old Prison Becomes Homeless Shelter, Half-way House & Soup Kitchen – Waynesville, NC
What started as a Sheriff’s vision to recycle the vacant property sitting next to his jail, has become one of the final six Give Back Challenge projects. Pretty impressive! But what’s even more impressive is the plans to renovate the old prison into a homeless shelter, a halfway house AND a soup kitchen. This project is really brining the community of Haywood together. Nice work.

Revitalize Trilogy’s Community Drop-In Center – Chicago, IL
The Trilogy Beacon is a drop-in center that offers support and resources to those experience behavioral health issues. They help their patrons with everything, including job hunting, creating resumes and building friendships and relationships that are important for their overall self-worth. The organization is grounded in rehabilitating and providing hope to those who struggle to find it. Truly heart-warming.

Fully Inclusive Indoor Life Skills Development & Play Area for Children with Special Needs – Vienna, VA
Jill’s House is a cool place for special kids. Offering everything from sleepovers to birthday parties and even prom, it’s a center for children with special needs to meet other kids just like them. But Jill House needs a fully accessible indoor playroom, so the fun can continue all year long.

Phase I: Sustainability Center – Rochester, NY
Homesteads for Hope has only been around for about a year, but they’ve planted the seed for an incredible community that can last a lifetime. This is a community that welcomes it’s people and families with developmental disabilities to their beautiful land, in order to prosper and provide hope in a traditional farm setting. Inheritance done right.

Community Center Complete Revitalization & Rehabilitation – Peabody, MA
Haven from Hunger is a dual food pantry and soup kitchen that has been serving over 1,500 families every month. This place definitely has a long history of giving back to the community since it’s been operating for almost 30 years! The center needs a complete renovation so it can continue to help families and serve even more for years to come.

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