Small space tips: Container Gardening | Ty Pennington

Outdoors | Pot Luck – Creative Container Gardening

If you live in a condominium or apartment, you may not have the outdoor space normally associated with gardening. But I’m here to tell you…that’s no reason to deprive yourself of a little Mother Nature. Bringing life into a small space just means you have to learn the tricks of container gardening. Keep reading for some quick …

Downsizing without Compromising by David Brian Sanders
How To

How To | Downsizing Without Compromising

Downsizing.  Such a seemingly ugly word.  In this day and age no one wants to hear the word “downsizing” (especially in the workplace).  Let’s just be honest, if you look at the synonyms for the word downsizing, you see words like “dwindle,” “deplete,” “reduce,” none of them all that positive or exciting. But I challenge …

All About Appraisals: Common Appraisal Questions Answered by Guaranteed Rate

Finance | Common Appraisal Questions Answered

The appraisal process is a crucial part of any home purchase or home refinance. When an appraisal comes in low, the entire loan can be affected. At Guaranteed Rate, we want to help you have a hassle-free and quick loan experience. And that definitely includes the appraisal process. By taking some time before the appraisal …

Rebecca Lang's Classic Pimento Cheese and Real Tomato Soup #Recipe

Eat | Rebecca’s Classic Pimento Cheese and Real Tomato Soup

My favorite lunches are those on rainy days when we’re comfortable and dry inside watching the raindrops race each other down the windowpanes. I believe lunch is meant to be more than a quick bite between errands or appointments. The day can seem a lot less hectic if a few moments are spared to sit …