Ty Travels to Africa: Tanzanian Dream Photo Gallery

Travel | Africa & Tanzanian Dream Photo Gallery

There are many places and things I’ve always wanted to see and do, but experiencing the mystical, wild and untouched beauty of Africa has always been at the top of my list.  Even as a kid flipping through countless Nat Geo magazines,  I was immediately captivated by the stunning pictures and articles about rare species of […]

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Behind-the-Scenes with Ty Pennington's NextGen First to the Future Home project

NextGen | Behind-the-Scenes

Bottoms up people! And I’m not talking about happy hour… we’ve started building the most critical part of my First to the Future home; the foundation. Building a strong and solid foundation is incredibly important to the bigger picture, because any mistakes you make will only haunt you for the rest of the build! But I […]

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Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors by David Brian Sanders

Design | Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors

Here at David Brian Sanders Interior Architecture + Design (DBS for short) the team has had the “Great Outdoors” on the brain for what seems like months. Summer is coming and we’ve been working on new patio designs, shopping for patio furniture and ok, maybe planning a few summer getaways in the mix.  If you […]

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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) with Ty Pennington

Ty’s Take | What SUP

Are you aware of how fast SUP (stand up paddling) is catching on around the globe? This reinvented sport from an ancient Polynesian canoeing/surfing culture is sweeping across the waters of the world like a wave. I had the good fortune of catching it early as my good friends Morgan Blittner and Juan Pavan opened […]

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Spring Cleaning: How To Host a Raffle Party

Celebrate | How To Host a Raffle Party

How many of you tackled spring cleaning yet? Well, you’re in luck if you haven’t… there’s still time to clear out your clutter to make some room for the summer heat! Sure you can rearrange some stuff in your home and throw out your unused junk, but I like to think outside the box with […]

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Ty Pennington's Pencils of Promise Fundraiser Update

Inspire | Elephants for Guatemala Update

Well it’s been a long month, especially for my good friend Cee Cee and her mom, BeLinda. If you’ve been keeping up with our Elephants for Guatemala campaign, you might have noticed all of her hard work and dedication to raise money for my Pencils of Promise team. Here’s a breakdown of last month: Cee Cee […]

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Should You Consider A FHA Home Loan? Tips from Guaranteed Rate

Finance | Should You Consider A FHA Home Loan?

FHA loans have been around for many years, and with its flexible credit guidelines and down payment requirements, it’s no wonder that FHA remains a great option for many homebuyers. However, with those guidelines and requirements come a lot of questions. At Guaranteed Rate, we know that researching your options is important when deciding on […]

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