Should You Consider A FHA Home Loan? Tips from Guaranteed Rate

Finance | Should You Consider A FHA Home Loan?

FHA loans have been around for many years, and with its flexible credit guidelines and down payment requirements, it’s no wonder that FHA remains a great option for many homebuyers. However, with those guidelines and requirements come a lot of questions. At Guaranteed Rate, we know that researching your options is important when deciding on …

Design Notes: Masculine Décor by Janette Ewen
Style Spotlight

Spotlight | Masculine Décor

Simple, clean-lined, rich and sophisticated… just a few key words to define masculine décor. This style, both in home décor and fashion embrace layering of simple textures, deep colour and plenty of wood. Two Canadian design-manufactures, G. Romano and Huppé are industry leaders when it comes to this ultra chic style. Huppés “The Swan” collection …