Ty Pennington's Last Look: The 2014 World Cup
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Soccer Love & the 2014 World Cup


Wow. I just gotta say that the 2014 World Cup could be THE BEST WORLD CUP EVER! I mean seriously… there were so many close matches, I think I may have verbally abused a few TVs. Exciting is an understatement.

Ty Pennington's Last Look: The 2014 World Cup

From the moment it kicked off in Brazil, I was checking out every match. We were in the “group of death,” but the USA showed a lot of life and we had a “never say die” attitude. We should all be proud of the level of “football” Americans are playing these days. The goals by Dempsey, Jones, and the new young stars (Yedin, Johnson, Green, etc.) had us jumping out of our skin! Hell, we almost beat Germany and we certainly gave them a run at winning our group! Yes, it was so disappointing when we gave up a goal in the last seconds to Portugal, ahhhhhhh! But not nearly as tough as it was for Brazil to lose so badly at home… ouch!

Ty Pennington's Last Look: The 2014 World Cup

But that’s just it, the World Cup is a roller coaster of emotion, it brings people, countries, passions, etc. all together like no other sport in the world. It’s hard to imagine a better place for the World Cup to be held than in Brazil, where beautiful people play the beautiful game. I wish I could’ve been there to feel the energy in the stadiums and on the streets, but I sure felt that positive energy here at home in the States.

Ty Pennington's Last Look: The 2014 World Cup

Soccer is a game I’ve been playing since I was 7 years old, back when a lot of people had never even heard of it, but that’s a different story. Not only have we become aware of fútbol, but the world has become aware that we can play.  It may take another 4 years to get there but we will win that final, sooner than later… woohoo! The only real drawback is that we have to wait another 4 years for that GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!

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