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Prefab is Rad | Ty Pennington

One style trending in modern architecture is prefab homes. The word prefab is short for “pre-fabricated” which pretty much means they are small, modular homes that are easy to build and transport.

But just because they’re on the smaller side, doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with style.  I’m really liking the different prefab homes I’ve been seeing lately… small spaces but but ideas. Scroll down for some proof that big things can (and do) come in small packages!

Prefab model home| Ty Pennington Flat prefab mini house | Ty Pennington Prefab home design in Brazil | Ty Pennington

Sustainable and eco-friendly… two terms that are always trending in design.

Prefab garden view | Ty Pennington Bubble tent, transportable prefab | Ty Pennington Shipping container guest house | Ty Pennington Sustainable prefab design, California | Ty Pennington Urban prefab development | Ty Pennington

Prefab models are versatile in use; perfect for natural settings or progressive urban development.

Urban prefab development | Ty Pennington Prefab boat home | Ty Pennington

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