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Holding On To An Endless Summer

Don’t Go!

Summer is that one season we all try to hold on to for as long as possible. For me, it brings a spirit of freedom that’s left over from my childhood. Maintaining that feeling of an endless summer is easier than you think, so today I’m giving you some examples of how I do it.

Laugh & Sing with Friends 

My closest friends are never far away, especially in summer. All those extra hours of daylight mean more time for running around like fools and laughing until we cry. Even after the sun goes down and the days get shorter, the guitar comes out and the laughter continues into the night.

Laugh and sing with friends |How to Push the Easy Season to the Limits by Ty Pennington

Dress Down

Board shorts and flip-flops – summer style at its best. Even when it gets a little cooler in the evening, slip on the flip-flops to get that relaxed feeling of not having to worry about changing clothes the rest of the day.

Create a perfect playlist 

Forget the hottest hits on the radio – my summer playlist is all about the songs of summers gone by. It’s a tossed salad of Ben Harper, Bob Marley, The Cars and some classic Van Halen. But really, any time of the year is right for kicking back with a speaker and tunes.

Create a perfect playlist |How to Push the Easy Season to the Limits by Ty Pennington

Tantalize the Tastebuds 

The savories that quench my thirst are mason jars of sweet tea with a sprig of mint. For a snack, the juicy decadence of chilled watermelon sliced thick is second only to the explosive thrill of frozen grapes.

Tantalize the taste buds |How to Push the Easy Season to the Limits by Ty Pennington

Punch Up the Color 

Even in the dead of winter, you’ll find summer colors around my house. It could be a hibiscus plant I tend to all season or some orange and red pillows that evoke that carefree spirit of summer. Whatever you do, make it colorful and fill your home with it.

Punch up the color | How to Push the Easy Season to the Limits by Ty Pennington

Seek Out Water

Everyday it can be a party in the summer if there’s a body of water nearby. There really is nothing like the glimmer of water at the golden hour on a sunset boat ride with friends. To unwind, an early-morning walk around a lake does the trick for me.

Seek out water | How to Push the Easy Season to the Limits by Ty Pennington

How do you push the summer season to the limits? Leave your ideas in the comments below. 


Photos courtesy of Ty Pennington and Stephanie Todaro 

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