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Do It or Screw It: Home Repair Jobs & Expertise (

Have a project or renovation idea you’ve been wanting to tackle? Knowing what level of skill you have, is the first step in determining how much help you’re going to need (or not) for your next home improvement or repair. Once you decide which jobs you can do and which ones you absolutely cannot do help to minimize the mistakes or re-dos. And, let’s be honest, it will minimize your frustration too!

So today I’m sharing a list of some common home repair jobs and the appropriate level of homeowner expertise.

Do It or Screw It: Home Repair Jobs & Expertise (

Jobs for Meager-Beavers
(the beginners)

  • Drywall and plaster – repairing small holes
  • Unclogging drains, fixing running toilets and leaky valves
  • Painting, staining, applying polyurethane and varnish
  • Prepping – sanding and caulking
  • Replacing Window Panes
  • Installing subfloors

Jobs for Eager-Beavers
(the confident)

  • Drywall and plaster – repairing large holes and sheet installation
  • Replacing windows
  • Installing ceramic tiles and hardwood (tongue-and-groove) flooring
  • Installing copper and PVC pipe
  • Building a deck

Jobs for Reliever-Beavers
(the “skillionaires”)

  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Super-serious drain cleaning
  • Installing galvanized pipe (gas line)
  • Working on high or steep roofs
  • Dealing with the circuit-breaker or fuse box

So how do you size up? Share your home projects in the comments below!