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How To | DIY Painted Palette Garden

I moved into a colorful, pre-fab studio and wanted to sprout my green thumb. Like many others, I was inspired by this Design Sponge project, but I decided to give it a twist of my own personality.

DIY Painted Palette Garden


  • Palette
  • Compost & organic soil (should be split 50/50)
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Hammer/nails
  • Sandpaper
  • Plants (I used succulents, but any plant will do)
  • Spray paint
  • Geometric template
  • Small gardening shovel (or use your hands!)

Before you begin…

Consider what type of garden you want. I love succulents because they are easy to care for (especially if you have a difficult time keeping plants alive) and super colorful. I don’t recommend planting any produce or herbs in palettes, because some have been treated with harmful chemicals and may contaminate food.

I trash picked the palette and had my friend cut it down to save on the costs of the plants. I also grabbed free compost at the local landfill and mixed it with organic soil to give the plants proper nutrients. Check your local landfills for deals on soil and compost!


Step 1. Reinforce the back of the palette with a piece of plywood to support the soil and landscape fabric. You can also repurpose the leftover wood from your palette.

DIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 2. Take your geometric template and spray desired pattern/color onto your palette.

DIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 3. Cut and layer 2-3 pieces of landscape fabric to the back of your palette. Use your staple gun to secure the fabric, taking extra care at the bottom and the edges. You want to wrap the fabric around the bottom of your palette so it will keep the soil in place when it stands vertical and fold over the corners so nothing seeps out.

DIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 3. Organize and rearrange yours plants on your palette until you find the sweetest spots.

DIY Painted Palette GardenDIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 4. Fill your palette with the compost/dirt mixture, leaving about 1/2 in. space to the top. CAREFULLY root your plants into their desired sections and fill the remaining palette with soil.

*Note: patience is key, so be gentle when you plant!

DIY Painted Palette GardenDIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 5. Your plants will be a little shocked after you take them out of their original containers, so it’s time to nurture! Be sure to water thoroughly and leave the palette laying horizontal for 2 weeks.

DIY Painted Palette Garden

Step 6. After your plants take root, stand your palette upright. Continue to water each section of your palette (starting at the top and working down) as often as necessary. Keep in mind that the water will run down to the bottom, so you can water less as you go move down.

Do you have any fun DIY projects for your outdoor space? Share your ideas in the comments below. 


All photos courtesy of Jenn Beening

Jennifer Beening

Jennifer Beening is a writer, designer and web strategist. After earning her bachelors in Sociology and English, she relocated to Los Angeles and became a member of Ty Pennington’s web team. Jennifer has always taken a creative and charitable approach to life. She enjoys volunteering and working with non-profit organizations in her spare time.

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