How To | Make Fabric Jewelry

Every year when I go to the quilting convention in Houston, I’m seriously impressed with all of the cool things people are making with my fabric collection. It’s truly inspiring… might even pick up a needle and thread myself!

My friend Vivian Peritts is a regular at my booth. She’s a really cool person who makes wicked cool stuff. So today, Vivian is sharing instructions on how you can make these stylish pieces with a few simple materials and, well, a steady hand. I bet her Christmas tree was decked out with these yo yo balls. Nice.

Yo Yo Scarf

DIY Design: Fabric Jewelry

– Assorted Ty Pennington Impressions™ by Westminster Fabrics
– Polyester fiberfil
– Sewing needle and threads to match the fabrics
– Approx. 3 yds. heavy duty cording and needle with large hole (I used black cotton crochet thread #6)

*Note: The number of yo yo balls that you will need depends on the final length of your scarf.
1. Cut approximately 100 two-inch circles and approximately 25 three-inch circles out of a variety of colors of Ty’s fabric.
2. See the instructions for “Making a Yo Yo” below and make yo yo beads out of each of the circles. The only adjustment you will need to make to the yo yo instructions is before you pull the gathering cord closed add a small ball of fiberfil.
3. After all of your beads are made, start stringing them on the large hole needle that has been loaded with the 3 yd. length of heavy cord. Knot one end of the cord and start with a large bead. I varied the amount of small beads I put between each of the large ones 4-6.
4. When you reach the desired length end with a large bead, secure the thread and cut off any excess.

Making a Yo Yo
*Note: The number of yo yo balls that you will need depends on the final length of your scarf. Please read through all instructions before beginning.
1. Cut all fabric into indicated size circles.
2. Use a needle and a double thread to sew around each circle. Push the needle in from the wrong side, ¼” in from the outer edge. (Fig 1)

DIY Design: Fabric Jewelry

3. Fold edge over ¼”, hiding the knot, and sew gathering thread all the way around the circle, close to the fold, forming a yo-yo. (Fig 2)
4. Pull the gathering thread to form a tight circle. Secure the thread. (Fig 3)


DIY Design: Fabric Jewelry

– Wooden curtain rings with eye screws removed
– 45”x ½” strips of Ty’s fabric
– Fabric glue

1. Secure one end of the fabric to the wooden ring.
2. Start wrapping the fabric around the ring slightly overlapping the previous wrap.
3. Secure end with glue.

Have fun creating as many bracelets as you want, and try the scarf in fun wraps and drapes

Thanks again Vivian for sharing your DIY jewelry instructions! You rock!

And be sure to check out Vivian on Facebook.