Travel | Norway Sizzle Reel

Remember that time I went to Norway? Well here’s a sneak peek of my adventures and upcoming web series we filmed during our travels. Wondering where I get my inspiration? This is the reel deal people… Enjoy! PS. If you missed the first episode, click here to join the journey. PSS. Episode 2 is coming […]

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Travel | My Favorite NY Spots to Eat

Living in NY is sort of like an international food festival every day. The flavor is everywhere. So for today’s blog I thought I’d share some of my favorite bites of NY and ask you guys what you think. For starters, I love Bubby’s – a Tibeca staple. Great home cooking, but they seriously have […]

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Travel | Norwegian Art, Design & Architecture

I got back from my trip to Norway and Denmark still feeling a little jetlagged. But before I get back into the normal swing of my busy daily, I thought I’d share a little more Norwegian inspiration I found during my travels. I got to see a lot in Norway, especially things I’m passionate about. […]

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