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How to Arrange a Room | Ty Pennington

How To | Arrange a Room

Arranging a room and finding the perfect Feng Shui to suit your style can be a tricky part of the design process. Not to mention, finding the most comfortable arrangement for the difference spaces of your home. So today I wanted to share a few good rules to consider when you’re organizing your living (and […]

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DIY Cute Mechanical Bird Project | Morgan Levine

How To | Mechanical Bird Project

This is a fun DIY project for any skill level. These cute little mechanized birds look amazing as colorful accents to your home décor. Or make them with kids and put on a fun puppet show! You can print your bird puppets in assorted colors that match and compliment your style. CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE PDF […]

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How To | Make Cardboard Letter Lights

Summer nights are fast approaching, so I thought it would be fun to spruce up the standard twinkle lights and create a graphic sign, as inspired by this project on Oh Happy Day.  And the best part… I finally found a use for all of the old cardboard boxes I’ve been hoarding since my move. […]

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Recycled tshirt necklace

How To | Make a T-Shirt Necklace

*Second Edition of Recycled DIY projects… this one is for all the ladies. Enjoy! You know that stack of old t-shirts you keep around for…well…who really knows what. Well here’s your chance to put them to good (and fashionable) use in about 10 minutes flat. Materials: – unwanted t-shirt – scissors Instructions: 1. Cut the hem […]

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How To | Make a T-Shirt Produce Bag

*My friend is a pro at DIYs, so this post is from her… seriously cool! If you love to go to farmer’s markets, but hate the waste that comes from the plastic and paper bags they send you home with, here’s a recycled DIY project inspired by Delia Creates that will solve your problem. Materials: […]

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Creative DIY Easter Eggs

How To | Creative DIY Easter Eggs

*inspired by Spoonful and seasonal creativity! Basic Supplies: – Eggs [one_half] For leaf print… – Scissors – Rubber bands – Food coloring – Vinegar – Cups for dye – Nylon stockings – cut into 3 in. pieces – Flat leaves – mint, cilantro, dill, etc. [/one_half] [one_half_last] For painted… – Stencils of your choosing – […]

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DIY Newspaper Egg

How To | DIY Newspaper Easter Egg

YOU’LL NEED: [one_half] – scissors – decoupage glue (*you may need a paintbrush if your glue doesn’t come with a brush) – needle [/one_half] [one_half_last] – eggs – old newspapers – tiny cup to hold egg for drying (optional) [/one_half_last] 1. Wash and empty your egg of all the yolk. Use whatever method you think […]

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