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Weekly Challenge: 10 Simple Ways to Save Money

It’s always nice to have a little extra cash. No matter how much you’re hustling or how many jobs you’re working, life has a way of hitting us with surprises, and it’s smart to have some financial cushion to get you through the tougher times. Well, this week I’m challenging you to try out one […]

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Getting Thrifty with Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer

My friend Lara Spencer from Good Morning America stopped by the Revolution last week to talk about three of my favorite things: thrifting, yard sales, and flea markets! I have to say, she’s really not messing around – the lady knows how to spot finds and refurbish them so that you’d never know they were […]

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Design Notes: Decorating Dos & Don’ts

Today I’m going to share some quick and easy mental notes you should take if/when you’re thinking about decorating your home. Maybe you just want something fresh in your décor for the new season, or you’re currently in the process of a remodel and feel a bit stuck? Even if you aren’t planning anything in […]

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