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Do It or Screw It: Home Repair Jobs & Expertise (

How To | Do It or Screw It – Home Repair Jobs & Expertise

Have a project or renovation idea you’ve been wanting to tackle? Knowing what level of skill you have, is the first step in determining how much help you’re going to need (or not) for your next home improvement or repair. Once you decide which jobs you can do and which ones you absolutely cannot do help to minimize the mistakes […]

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How To Clean Your Outdoor Grill tips by Ty Pennington

How To | Grill Cleaning 101

Here comes the sun! After a crazy spring, it’s nice to feel the heat of summer finally setting in. And one thing that really brings the heat is my backyard grill. It’s essential for the great outdoors, don’t you think? So before you kick off the summer parties and outdoor grill outs, it’s important to […]

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Spring Cleaning: How To Host a Raffle Party

Celebrate | How To Host a Raffle Party

How many of you tackled spring cleaning yet? Well, you’re in luck if you haven’t… there’s still time to clear out your clutter to make some room for the summer heat! Sure you can rearrange some stuff in your home and throw out your unused junk, but I like to think outside the box with […]

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Ty Pennington's Essential Tools for DIY Projects

How To | Essential Tools for DIY Projects

It’s no secret that I’m all about getting your hands dirty with DIY design projects for your home and outdoor space. So today I thought it would be a good idea to share a few tool tips so everybody can get ready for upcoming projects we’ll be sharing here on the site. The following items […]

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Downsizing without Compromising by David Brian Sanders

How To | Downsizing Without Compromising

Downsizing.  Such a seemingly ugly word.  In this day and age no one wants to hear the word “downsizing” (especially in the workplace).  Let’s just be honest, if you look at the synonyms for the word downsizing, you see words like “dwindle,” “deplete,” “reduce,” none of them all that positive or exciting. But I challenge […]

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How to Organize Your Garden Shed | Ty Pennington

How To | Organize Your Garden Shed

Ok folks, now that spring is just around the corner, its time to shed some layers. It’s easy to lose your garden essentials in the garage, so consider giving them a home of their own this year. An organized garden shed is key! Keep reading for some quick tips to get your garden shed in shape… […]

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How To Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life | Ty Pennington

How To | Give An Old Ladder A Brand New Life

Instead of spending money on a new piece of furniture for extra storage or display space, I encourage you to step things up a notch! Repurpose an old wooden ladder from your garage or local hardware store and you’ll find the perfect solution to all kinds of storage problems. If your style is more traditional, […]

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