Style Your Home: Finishing Touches that MAKE a Space by Janette Ewen

Design | Finishing Touches that MAKE a Space

I always call the finishing touches of a home the icing on the cake. All those little accessories, books and trinkets can really make a space. In my homes (I have two spaces, one in Toronto and a tiny one in Santa Monica)… I use accessories to make sure my personality is reflected in the […]

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Ty Pennington's Last Look: Coastal Interiors

Design | Coastal Interiors

People always tell me that “life’s a beach”. But since I’ve been living in California and enjoying the sand, surf and sun most of the year, I definitely have to agree. Color combinations and palettes inspired by the beach can be the most obvious design trait of coastal interiors. So you have different greens and […]

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Ty Pennington's Quick Tip: Paint Brushes and Rollers

Design | Paint Brushes and Rollers

Nothing frustrates me more than agreeing to help someone paint only to be given a choice of crappy brushes. Now, good brushes should be part of your basic painting tool kit. So, start with 2-3 good synthetic brushes and I recommend sticking with brushes that are 2 or 3 inches wide. Now, square tips are […]

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Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors by David Brian Sanders

Design | Staying Stylish in the Great Outdoors

Here at David Brian Sanders Interior Architecture + Design (DBS for short) the team has had the “Great Outdoors” on the brain for what seems like months. Summer is coming and we’ve been working on new patio designs, shopping for patio furniture and ok, maybe planning a few summer getaways in the mix.  If you […]

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Designer Spotlight: Half Dozen Daily

Spotlight | Carla Peicheff & Half Dozen Daily

Part of the reason I have this site is to share all of the inspiring and creative things YOU’RE doing. Yeah, I’m talking to you! Inspiration is contagious, and the web is full of awesome DIY crafts, home makers, expert designers, you name it.  So I stumbled on this next designer on Twitter and thought […]

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Outdoor Living | Quick Tips for Lawns and Gardens by Ty Pennington

Outdoor | Tips for Lawns and Gardens

Getting the old yard ready for an outdoor party can take some planning. But, what if, let’s say your brother ran off and got married in Vegas. He just called, and wants you to throw a huge bash at your house. Tomorrow! Well, it sounds like its time for a little instant gardening to transform […]

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Design Notes: Masculine Décor by Janette Ewen

Spotlight | Masculine Décor

Simple, clean-lined, rich and sophisticated… just a few key words to define masculine décor. This style, both in home décor and fashion embrace layering of simple textures, deep colour and plenty of wood. Two Canadian design-manufactures, G. Romano and Huppé are industry leaders when it comes to this ultra chic style. Huppés “The Swan” collection […]

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