Ty Pennington's Design Notes for Bright Interior Lighting

Design | Bright Interior Lighting

Are you doing a little re-decorating around the house? Maybe you have plans for a new paint color or new furniture, who knows, maybe you want a giant mural of your cat named Tinkles. Whatever you have in mind, let me shed a little light on a design tip that often gets overlooked… I’m talking […]

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Using candles to set the mood | Ty Pennington

Lighting | Using Candles to Set The Mood

Love is in the air this week. And even though I can’t offer any expert relationship or dating advice, I still wanted to spread the love. So today I’m going to set the mood… around your home with candles! Candles are a great way to bring a touch of relaxation and ambiance to your rooms. […]

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Designer Spotlight: Veronica Valencia's Lighting Collection

Design Spotlight | Veronica Valencia’s Lighting Collection

This is Veronica. You may remember her from Extreme, but since the show ended, she’s been doing some pretty incredible things. So today I couldn’t help but share… Most recently, Veronica collaborated with Barn Light Electric – an American lighting company who also helped on a few Extreme builds – to create an exclusive line of pendant lights. And they’re […]

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