Remembering Lilly Pulitzer

Spotlight | Remembering a Legend in Lilly Pulitzer

You all know I love Florida, vintage design, fabric design, and mod pop color, so here’s a fond farewell to one of America’s best designers. Her work, her awesome vibrant patterns and designs, will be around forever. Mark my words. Head to the thrift stores, I know the prices are going up now that she […]

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Designer Spotlight: Paola Navone

Spotlight | Paola Navone

When it comes to great artists and designers, creativity has no bounds. Since I have my hands in a few different areas – interior design, photography, carpentry, etc. – I really like to see other designers who are doing the same. So a few days ago I shared my obsession with geometric shapes (the hexagon!) […]

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Excuse Me, Your Ceramics Are Showing

Spotlight | Excuse Me, Your Ceramics Are Showing

I love pieces that have a story or history behind them, so ceramics have always been cool in my book. I mean, some even date back to the beginning of civilization itself! Talk about history… What makes ceramics even better is how they serve two purposes – function and fun. Sure plates and pottery have […]

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This Old Find: Vintage Stacking Chairs

Spotlight | Vintage Stacking Chairs

Good design is all about reflecting your personality and passions. I’m crazy about the classics; found and reinvented furniture and décor seriously fill my home. Just stop by my place and you’ll see what I mean. People call me a vintage hoarder. Exhibit A: I scooped up these classic stackable chairs at a school tag […]

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Spotlight | David Butler

I’m always looking for new inspiration. So today I thought it would be cool to highlight my friend and designer David Butler. Not only does he have fresh ideas and is a lead singer in a rock n roll band, but the DUDE designs patterns for quilts. I mean come on… I can totally relate! […]

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Spotlight | Sixties Design

When it comes to design influences, it can be hard to pinpoint all of the individual things that have helped form my eye, but the style from the 1960s is one thing I can say with certainty has contributed to my taste. One thing I love about the 60s is the bold use of color […]

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Spotlight | Interiors by Kelly Behun

This week I came across the website of New York based interior designer Kelly Behun and I was really inspired by her portfolio. She’s nailed the artistry of combining irreverent, modern and retro pieces and I wouldn’t mind moving that truck of stuff I’ve got driving across the country into one of these pads. Here […]

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